FUSEL are 9999 randomly generated cocktail recipes on the FUSE Blockchain.

Fusel is a common german colloquial term for bad, improperly distilled and cheap spirits or liqueurs.


Each recipe is uniq and consists of 5 different ingredients: spirit, juice, syrup, liqueur and a filler.

It can reach one of six stages based on the per mille value, also known as the drunkenness index.


STAGE 1 The First Sip (51,35%)
STAGE 2 The Buzz (25%)
STAGE 3 The Best Friend (14,4%)
STAGE 4 The Song and Dance (7,1%)
STAGE 5 The Hookup (1,9%)
STAGE 6 The Relentless Party Mode (0.25%)

price per drink 99 FUSE


price per drink is 99 FUSE